Our Mission

We are a community raising awareness and building hope for PTSD in first responders and anyone else in need as well as empowering those healing from abusive and traumatic situations. 

Skull Mala Bead 

The Skulls For Hope Bracelet is meant to assist with self- reflection and meditation… Run your fingers over each bead in the bracelet. As you pass the Skull Mala bead, acknowledge and reflect on the bad you’ve seen, accepting it then letting it go. Then with each round Mala bead to follow, whisper a blessing you have in your life, realizing how many more things you have to be grateful for.

By purchasing and wearing a Skulls For Hope Bracelet, you can help raise awareness and spark HOPE for the First Responders serving our communities who are living with PTSD. To show them that despite what they have seen and experienced, life can be beautiful again.